Group Vehicles

RDC106R – Bristol VRT Northern Counties bought new by Cleveland Transit in 1977 as their H106, passed to Jones Llanfaethlu of Wales in September of 1990 after withdrawl by Cleveland Transit, it ran for Jones as a school bus for a number of years before it was withdrawn in in 2004. We purchased the vehicle in May of 2005 and hauled it back home to Teesside, where a long restoration job began.

JDC599 (99) – Dennis Loline MK1 new originally to Middlesbrough Corporation, she was exhibited in 1958 at Commercial Motor Show at Earls Court and was bought by Middlesbrough Corporation due to the height of the body meaning that its low height body would allow this vehicle to pass under Albert Bridge . The Group took this vehicle on in 1991 and spent several years restoring the bus at ICI Wilton Site. She is fully restored to her former glory and regularly used for trips to local bus rallies and other gatherings as well as educational and community interest activities.

JDC544L (544) – Daimler Fleetline Northern Counties, purchased new to Teesside Municipal Transport between 1971 and 1973, these vehicles were unique to Teesside and 76 were built, with L544 being the last survivor. By Spring 1989, we decided to purchase the last survivor JDC544L and an offer was made to purchase it from the then Cleveland Transit Bus Company. In the years since the bus was preserved, it has been used for journeys to and from displays as well as many rallies throughout the North East of England as well as Scotland and has covered a trouble free 1,125,000 miles. In late 2018 it was sent for further restoration work to the chassis. The first of its kind since coming out of service.

JVN40E H240 – Leyland PD2 Roe, purchased new to Teesside Railless Traction board,she was delivered in Turquoise, ahead of the Teesside Municipal Transport Formation. She saw service with Cleveland Transit from 1974 and eventually was sold to Cleveland County and converted into a playbus. Local government cuts seen JVN40E disposed of by Cleveland County and she passed to the infant NEBPT who used her as a mobile sales stand. Eventually she was hired to Northern as a crew Trainer who maintained her until she became surplus to requirements as the need for faster vehicles became necessary. She was returned to NEBPT at Wardley and eventually bought by ourselves in 1997. Work to restore her began in 2018 although progress is slow for many reasons, she continues to improve month by month.

Non Group Vehicles – Teesside related

JAJ293N – Bristol RE ECW New in 1975 to Hartlepool Corporation Transport and was used for many years throughout its life with Hartlepool Corporation Transport.

OEF77K – Bristol RE ECW new in 1972 to Hartlepool Corporation Transport was used for many years by Hartlepool Transport including its Christmas Feature which meant that a sleigh and reindeers appeared on the roof. It had a spell in Preservation before becoming a non psv vehicle for Age Concern and then Trent Valley Gliding Club. Its now in the hands of Hartlepool Historic Preservation Group.

L37 HHN – Volvo B10B Plaxton Verde – New to Cleveland Transit in 1996, it worked for the Stagecoach Group right up until 2016 when it was withdrawn, it was bought for Preservation by Bill Woodward who later became our chairman.

G293KWY – Leyland Lynx MK1 New to Keighley and District this MK1 Lynx was purchased by group member John Atkin and repainted into Cleveland Transit Livery to replicate that of a native Cleveland Transit Lynx.

V674DDC – MAN Alexander 300 New to Stagecoach Transit in the Stagecoach Stripes Livery with Loliner Adverts, it was later painted into Stagecoach Corporation Livery before being withdrawn and sold for further preservation on Teesside.