NK54BFE – 22061 – MAN18.220 Alexander ALX300 – New in 2004 to Stagecoach on Teesside as fleetnumber 22061 it served at Stockton depot continuously from 2004 through till 2019 – a whopping 15 years!
Delivered as a batch of 6 identical vehicles to operate Service 37 which had at the time been extended to provide a vital link between James Cook Hospital in Middlesbrough and North Tees Hospital in Stockton.
This vehicle is of a much improved Mk2 design which featured many mechanical upgrades from the older Mk1 MAN 18.220’s and as such she proudly served the people of Teesside for over 15 years before finally retiring in September 2019 and subsequently being listed for disposal. 22061 was successfully acquired by the 500 Group in 2020 with thanks to our friends at Stagecoach North East. Current plans with this vehicle are to reclassify her for Class 5 MOT status and keep it in the current state.

Chassis: MAN 18.220
Body: Alexander ALX300
Fleet Number: 22061
Year New: 2004
Withdrawn: 2019
Acquired by Group: 2020

Technical Details
Engine: MAN D0836 (220hp)
Transmission: VOITH 854.4 (4 Speed Automatic)
Top Speed: 60mph

Actual Status
Running – Awaiting MOT