JDC599 (99) – Dennis Loline MK1 new originally to Middlesbrough Corporation. She was exhibited at the 1958 Commercial Motor Show at Earls Court and was bought by Middlesbrough Corporation who were attracted by the special design of the chassis, allowing a double decker with normal centre gangways to be low enough to pass under the Albert Bridge. The Group took this vehicle on in 1991 and spent several years restoring the bus at ICI Wilton Site. She is fully restored to her former glory and occasionally used for trips to local bus rallies and other gatherings but more often for educational and community interest activities.

Chassis: Dennis Loline
Body: Northern Counties
Fleet Number: 99
Year New: 1958
Withdrawn: 1970
Acquired by Group: 1991

Technical Details
Engine: Gardner 6LW (110hp)
Transmission: David Brown Tractor (4 Speed Crash)
Top Speed: 37mph

Current Status
Running – Available