JVN40E H240 – Leyland PD2 Roe, purchased new to Teesside Railless Traction board, she was delivered in Turquoise, ahead of the Teesside Municipal Transport Formation. She saw service with Cleveland Transit from 1974 and eventually was sold to Cleveland County and converted into a playbus. Local government cuts seen JVN40E disposed of by Cleveland County and she passed to the infant NEBPT who used her as a mobile sales stand. Eventually she was hired to Northern as a crew Trainer who maintained her until she became surplus to requirements as the need for faster vehicles became necessary. She was returned to NEBPT at Wardley and eventually bought by ourselves in 1997. Work to restore her began in 2018 although progress is slow for many reasons, she continues to improve month by month.

Chassis: Leyland PD2
Body: Roe
Fleet Number: H240
Year New: 1967
Engine: Leyland O600
Transmission: Leyland Synchromesh (4 Speed)