Our meetings are usually held at The Malleable Social Club on Norton Road in Stockton (TS20 2PH)

For those of you who are uneasy about indoor gatherings, please feel free to wear a mask if it helps you feel more comfortable. It will also protect others. We are looking to webcast the meetings at the Malleable Club although, unfortunately, interaction is more limited than with GoogleMeet. Details will be sent to those on our email list. Unless otherwise stated, meetings at the club start at 1930, with Stagecoach services 36. 37, 38 and 52 passing the door.

Our next meeting, on Tuesday 26th July 2022, will be a trip out in Rob Hughes’s Leopard. Chris Mills will guide us around locations associated with the independent operators who ran services to the west of Bishop Auckland. Rob will leave from the usual trip departure point, the car park in-front of Stagecoach’s Stockton Depot, at 1915, slightly earlier than the normal meeting start time, to make the most of the shortening daylight.

We will return to the Malleable Club for our meeting on Tuesday 30th August 2022, starting at the normal 1930. Chris Mills will follow up our evening trip with a photographic presentation of the buses used on the services to the west of Bishop Auckland.

Upcoming talks – details nearer to the dates.

Tuesday 27th September 2022 – Ian McInnes – Travels With My Camera

Tuesday 25th October 2022 – Graeme Scarlett – Restorations at The Eden

Tuesday 29th November 2022 – Stephen Bailes – Teesside In The Last Five Years

Tuesday 13th December 2022 – Christmas Meeting and Review of The Year


Previous Meetings

Our AGM was held on-line on Tuesday 22nd February, to receive The Trustees Annual Reports to the meeting and allow members the opportunity to ask questions of the Trustees or to make suggestions regarding the operation of our Group.

Our Charitable Constitution requires three Trustees to retire by rotation each year. This year Michael Dowling, Adam Nicholson and Mark Wilson retired on rotation and, there being no other applications from members, the three retiring Trustees were re-elected as Trustees for a further three-year term.

Once the “business” part of the meeting had concluded, Mark Wilson presented a series of photographs of our seven buses, mostly of their lives before preservation.

What may well be our final wholly on-line meeting was held on Tuesday 29th March 2022. Paul Bateson mined his extensive photo collection to enthral us with an illustrated, on-line talk entitled “Buses of the North East 1957 – 1968”, which actually extended into the ’70s. An impressive number of photos presented in the normal time frame and utterly fascinating in their breadth and variety.

We restarted our face-to-face meetings on Tuesday, 26th April 2022. A relaxed first session after Covid (?) was entertained by Chris Hall presenting another of his miscellanies, unusually for Chris, featuring only buses.

Our most recent monthly meeting was on Tuesday 31st May 2022. The speaker was again Chris Hall, this time presenting another of his trademark provocative slide shows. The bare title of “Bus Spotting in Newcastle” hid wide ranging subject matter with a number of surprises included.

Chris Hall completed his hat-trick on Tuesday 28th June 2022, this time with an offering entitled “Chasing the 500s”. He gave us a typically entertaining and enjoyable session, largely in line with the title!

(Updated 29/06/2022)