Self Isolating Volvo Olympian is given a make over….

Our Volvo Olympian Northern Counties 223 M223SVN was used on the rally scene for a year in as acquired condition with some Transit Logos but eventually the time had come where she deserved a make over, with the Teesside 500 Group Running Day, our very own event, just around the corner what better time to do it? So she was broke out of self isolation by our Maintenance team and taken for a make over, her worn and tired body panels replaced with new, straight and clean panels..

Imagine the face of the attendees at the running day when they seen such beauty? You could imagine people rushing to photograph it… Teesside 500 Group’s best secret, 223 having a make over. But ALAS! Coronavirus COVID-19 started to increase in speed, government guidelines were released and events were cancelled, but she deserved a make over, we wanted her to look great regardless of the fact our event didn’t go ahead, so she was picked up on Friday 20th March and she looks a million dollars… Looking virtually like she had just rolled off the production line and was delivered to Stagecoach Transit, M223SVN was back in her original livery.

She was taken by our maintenance team for a few sneaky snapshots before she headed back to her warm shed to meet with her fellow friends and show off the new look…

Selection of photographs below.

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